Middle College National Consortium

The Middle College National Consortium believes that authentic school reform grows out of sustained collaboration among master practitioners, structured communication, and support for perpetual growth of leadership skills for all constituents. Centered on six Design Principles, MCNC schools bridge the high school and college experience for underserved youth leading to increased access to and success in college. A school-based, data driven practitioner network, Middle College National Consortium has successfully pioneered innovation in programs that serve districts, community colleges, universities, both public and charter; around the country for over three decades.
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Facilitator: Chery Wagonlander

In this workshop participants will be able to determine trade

             offs with different designs of middle and early colleges in

              Michigan. Participants will:

1.    Review data from MEMCA schools prepared by


2.    Be given short written description of each site to

analyze the outcomes against the data.

3.    Identify the differences and commonalities that

result in trade offs on student outcomes

Facilitator: Justin Fuentes

Participants will be able to determine and articulate what supports are needed from states and districts to support successful early colleges.

            Participants will:

1.    Work in table groups to answer the question- How

are Early Colleges different from traditional high schools?

2.    Share results, which will be charted.

3.    Develop a list of what a district has to do differently to support an early college

4.    Chart and share answers

Justin Fuentes will conclude the workshop by sharing the early college organization in the HISD (Houston Independent School District).




An exploratory study of college readiness partnership programs in Texas.  This is a college readiness partnership study. 


Elisabeth A. Barnett

William Corrin

Aki Nakanishi

Rachel Hare Bork

Claire Mitchell

Susan Sepanik

Are you interested in improving your school program and taking it up a notch? Participants will learn about how research can guide 10 critical early-middle college design decisions, such as the best location of a school and the most effective student supports, and consider ways to improve one or two dimensions of their current school design.

Facilitator Name(s):

NCREST (Elisabeth Barnett, Jennifer Kim, Franz Loza, Sabine Zander)

Facilitator:  Sarah Gill

Radio isn’t dead yet. Audio recording continues to change as podcasting and social media have expanded user created content. Audio production sharpens purposeful choice making, revision and          communication. Hear youth produced pieces, digitally record and edit in Audacity or GarageBand and consider how to apply what you do to your English, History or Science classroom.

Summer Professional Development Institute

June 29, 2012 – July 2, 2012

Hyatt Regency Jersey City, NJ

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Facilitators: Mike Sinclair, Leigh Ann Wheeler and Beverly Terlizzi

Participants will examine current structures in their school to identify methods of integrating staff development, strategic planning, and instructional practices to support the Key Cognitive Strategies and/or Common Core State Standards. Participants should include administrators and teachers.

This is a featured article from the Washington Post that outlines the Middle College path to higher learning for High School students with quotes from Cecilia Cunningham MCNC’s director.  Read this article 

Facilitator: Wallace Howard Finney

This workshop will be an interactive workshop on identifying and preventing bullying.  We will disclose           types of bullying and outcomes, reporting and prevention strategies. 

Facilitator:  TaRon Jones

This workshop is designed to give you an introduction to the many functions of the iPad. We will look at how we can motivate student learning with iPads, creating your own iPad Lessons, applications that impact learning, and the management and implementation of the iPad hardware.

Participants are recommended to bring in their iPads and/or other Tablet to enhance training and demonstrations.

Summer Professional Development Institute

June 29, 2012 – July 2, 2012

Hyatt Regency Jersey City, NJ

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Facilitator Name(s): Brittany Clark

Participants will be able to identify common core components and cognitive strategies in dual enrollment composition course. Participants will understand how common core components and cognitive strategies are integrated into student assignments and participants will find examples of these strategies and indicators at work in student samples. Participants will also recognize the correlation between the development of higher order thinking strategies, common core, and increased college readiness.

Summer Professional Development Institute

June 29, 2012 – July 2, 2012

Hyatt Regency Jersey City, NJ

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